About Me

Eric W Odom

Multidisciplinary Designer. Father + Husband.
LEGO Aficionado.
Music Junkie.

Howdy, I’m Eric W Odom. I was born in 1987 in a small town about an hour north of Houston, TX. Growing up building with LEGO and filling blank pages with whatever came to mind, I’ve been creating since the age of 4. In the fall of 1999, I traded in the pen and paper for the click of a blueberry Apple® puck mouse - and things were never the same.

Fast forward nearly two decades and I’m the proud father of three rambunctious boys, and one lovely lil’ girl. I spend most of my time creating experiences and crafting solutions through design. I enjoy my time most when I’m collaborating and learning with other creatives, and I’m always looking for the next opportunity to apply my passion for design.

I recently graduated from Full Sail University with a Bachelor's of Science in Media Communications, and I'm working on figuring out where to go from here. While I work on figuring life out, I spend my 9-5 hours creating as the Lead Designer for SHSU Online, and spend my free-time balancing my love for my family, southern hip-hop, and LEGO.

Have a project you'd like to work with me on? I'd love to hear about!